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Fertilizer Blends

All Drammatic Fish Fertilizer blends are USDA National Organic Program compliant.


When using a Drammatic Fertilizer blend, you are receiving the benefit of three species of kelp. Ascophyllum nodosum, Sargassum & Laminariales contain a wide range of naturally chelated plant nutrients and trace elements, carbohydrates, amino acids and other growth promoting substances known as cytokinins. Growers who use kelp in their regular fertility program report increases in yield, quality, shelf life and resistance to environmental stresses such as drought, extreme heat, early frost, pest and disease problems.

Adding kelp to our fish makes for an ideal natural fertilizer. Fish provide the major nutrients and the kelp species supply essential micronutrients to give you a nutritionally complete and all-natural fertilizer.


Chilean nitrate is a mined source of highly soluble nitrogen. It is a naturally occuring form of nitrate nitrogen that is highly effective in the delivery of immediately usable nitrogen to plants. In addition to providing nitrogen, Chilean nitrate also contains many trace minerals such as boron and magnesium, and its use will not acidify the soil.

The use of Chilean nitrate is especially important in colder soils, where its application can help to compliment and improve organic nitrogen sources in the soil.


The use of complex sugars as an organic input to our fertilizer blends works to help maintain high levels of Brix in your plant. Brix is a total measurement of soluble solids in plant tissue, which includes a combination of sugars, amino acids, protiens, oils and other solids.

Plants grown with the intention of maintaining a higher Brix will have a higher quality and nutritional value. Also, field observations indicate that insect pests are less likely to attack plants with a higher Brix reading.


Derived from humates, Fulvic Acid is a valuable addition to Drammatic Fish Fertilizer blends. Fulvic Acid is active in dissolving soil and foliar applied minerals into an ionic form, meaning the minerals carry an electric charge. When minerals are ionized they become biochemically reactive and mobile, making it easier for the minerals to be transported through the plant structures. The benefit of Fulvic Acid as a chelating agent works to make minerals more bio-available for plant absorption.