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DRAMM Introduces the New Drammatic® 5N Blend

Jessica Reinhardt

Manitowoc, WI- Dramm announces a new blend to the Drammatic® Fertilizer line, Drammatic® 5N.

The new Drammatic® 5N is an all-natural organic plant food derived from fish scraps from the Great Lakes and is OMRI listed. The Drammatic® Liquid Fish hydrolysate contains the natural oils, amino acids, nutrients and minerals found in fish.

The key reason for creating Drammatic® 5N is to supply the plants with additional Nitrogen and Potassium for optimal plant growth.

The new Drammatic® 5N blend was actually created due to the requests from customers. "We are happy to introduce a new blend to satisfy customer demands," says Fertilizer Sales Manager Tim Tetzlaff. "Dramm takes pride in listening and responding to our customer needs and continues to strive in producing quality products."

The Drammatic® Fish Fertilizer Line can be used for organic, sustainable and conventional crops and is available in 55-gallon drum, 275-gallon tote, and 5,000-gallon tankers.

For availability and pricing visit us online at www.fishfertilizer.com.

Dramm Corporation, headquartered in Manitowoc, Wis., manufactures and distributes professional quality water tools, greenhouse equipment and all-natural liquid fish fertilizer. To learn more visit us online at www.dramm.com.

For more information please contact Jessica Reinhardt at the information above.