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Sustainability at Dramm

The word sustainability is getting a lot of use currently. It is trendy, now, to be sustainable. Companies market their sustainability. Consumers look for sustainable products.

For us at Dramm, sustainability has been a way of doing business since our founding. However, we have always thought of it more as simple frugality and basic environmental stewardship. It is central to our business model to offer products that reduce waste for our customers. At the same time, we have always looked for ways to manufacture and package these products in ways that are responsible, not only to the environment, but to our bottom line and to the bottom line of our customers. Excessive packaging or poor manufacturing methods only cost more for both Dramm and the consumer.

We at Dramm pride ourselves on the ability to produce world class products that are durable and functional while keeping the input costs reasonable. If a watering tool purchased by a consumer breaks within months, it is thrown away, wasting those materials and filling a landfill. Dramm produces tools to last.

When packaging products, we seek to use as little material as possible while still protecting our product through shipment and sale. Since our early days, Dramm has used recycled newspaper as packing materials. Often brought from the homes of our employees, this offers us a low cost, frugal way to ensure our products arrive safely at their destinations. Boxes for many items are reused from shipments we have received. Finally, when we purchase boxes for packaging, they contain at least 85% post-consumer waste.

When merchandising our products for retail, we offer little or no packaging, saving expense and materials. Instead, we utilize durable, reusable displays, maximizing the space needed to merchandise while still making an attractive, informative presentation.

From a product standpoint, we have always offered tools for growers and gardeners designed to make work easier and to reduce waste. The original 400AL Aluminum Water Breaker nozzle was born out of the need to water plants more efficiently in greenhouse operations. Every product since then has had the same goal: to increase efficiency and reduce waste.

  • All of our hand watering tools have been designed and specialized to maximize their benefit.

  • Our irrigation systems help reduce labor.

  • Our drip irrigation systems reduce overall water and fertilizer usage and waste.

  • Our chemical applications systems reduce the amount of chemical needed, eliminating waste. Many of these systems also reduce the labor and chemical exposure needed in the application process.

  • Our horizontal airflow system increases the energy efficiency of greenhouse air circulation by as much as 5 times traditional systems while improving the air flow in the greenhouse and aiding heating efficiency.

  • Our organic fertilizer is made primarily from the waste produced from fish processing. We convert this into a renewable, organic fertilizer that helps replace chemical fertilizers on commercial farms, golf courses and gardens.

  • Our newest product, a new soaker hose for both professional and consumer use, is made from recycled tires and rubber. Our new soaker hose reduces water waste in gardens and commercial production by replacing overhead sprinkler systems that lose much of their water to evaporation.

  • We have taken each of these steps throughout the more than 60 year history of the Dramm Corporation because they were right for both us and our customer base. Going forward we accept the increasing demands on society to change practices for the benefit of the environment and future generations. We will continue to look for ways to improve both our products and our processes to meet these challenges.

    We welcome any comments from our customers worldwide on ways we can improve our products and procedures for the betterment of the industries we serve and the environment as a whole. Please contact us through the numbers on the left or by email to share your thoughts.