Dribble Tubes - Simple Drip Irrigation

Dramm developed the Dribble Tubes as a simple way to water plants automatically by dripping water into each pot directly.

While we offer our newer Pressure Compensated System for more even watering, there are plenty of situations where the Dribble Tube offers even water to each pot with less cost.

Unlike our PCAS system, the flow rate for the Dribble Tubes is controlled by the diameter and length of the tube.

We offer three diameters of tubing: 0.045", 0.060" and 0.075" ID. Each diameter comes in lengths from 12" to 60" standard. Eyelets for both outer diameters are available for a secure connection.

Our SlimWeightTM slips easily from the pot during harvesting and does not get caught in expanded metal benching. Unlike other weights, the SlimWeight is made from a zinc-aluminum alloy, not lead.

The following chart is offered as a guideline for flow rates with the Dribble Tubes. This is dependent on many variables and should only be used as a guide.

Use our HPT Handpick tool to punch the proper sized hole and insert the brass eyelet in one motion. When inserting the Dribble Tube into the eyelet, be sure to push it past the compression end of the eyelet for a secure fit.

To use the Dramm Dribble Tubes with a smaller outer diameter (OD) than other uncompensated drip systems, use the eyelet to adapt from a previously punched hole to our smaller diameter tubing.

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On Dribble Tube

Dramm On Only Dribble Tubes have permanently attached always ON weight emitters. All On Dribble Tubes are permanently assembled. Different sizes and different lengths can be combined for price breaks.

There are three types of Dribble Tubes available: DTS with a .045 inside diameter green tube, DTM with a .060 inside diameter brown tube- and DTL with a .075 inside diameter blue tube. All 3 types are available in lengths from 12 TO 42 long. Use of Dribble Tubes allows individual pot watering for a total bench. Dramm Dribble Tubes should be used on 5, 6, or 7 pot sizes.

DTS-12 Green Tubing 12 in

On Dribble Tube

DTS-18 Green Tubing 18 in
DTS-24 Green Tubing 24 in
DTS-30 Green Tubing 30 in
DTS-36 Green Tubing 36 in
DTS-42 Green Tubing 42 in
DTS-48 Green Tubing 48 in
DTS-60 Green Tubing 60 in
DTM-12 Brown Tubing 12 in
DTM-18 Brown Tubing 18 in
DTM-24 Brown Tubing 24 in
DTM-30 Brown Tubing 30 in
DTM-36 Brown Tubing 36 in
DTM-42 Brown Tubing 42 in
DTM-48 Brown Tubing 48 in
DTM-60 Brown Tubing 60 in
DTL-12 Blue Tubing 12 in
DTL-18 Blue Tubing 18 in
DTL-24 Blue Tubing 24 in
DTL-30 Blue Tubing 30 in
DTL-36 Blue Tubing 36 in
DTL-42 Blue Tubing 42 in
DTL-48 Blue Tubing 48 in
DTL-60 Blue Tubing 60 in

Universal Hand Pick Tool

The Dramm Hand Pick Tool is used for the insertion of Dramm Brass Eyelets into poly tubbing for the use of Dramm Dribble Tubes and Rings. Place an eyelet onto the tip of the Handpik tool and push firmly into the black poly tubing. The Hand Pick Tool will pierce the poly tubing and insert the brass eyelet in one leak-free operation!

HPT - -

Brass Eyelet

Brass eyelet. Used to install Dramm Dribble Tubes and Dribble Rings.

DTMS-E - .060 or .045 ID

Brass Eyelet

Brass eyelet. Used to install Dramm Dribble Tubes and Dribble Rings.

DTL-E - .075 ID